NMB IP69K-rated Fans

Reliable cooling solution for the harshest environments.

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Cooling fans with the highest ingress protection from NMB

  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant – exceeds IP67, IP68 and IP69 ratings
  • Robust epoxy potting structure for protection in harsh environments
  • Available with a new metal casing
  • Available in 12, 24 and 48VDC
  • Available with stainless NMB bearings with ceramic balls
  • From 40mm to 175mm sizes
  • NEMA rated enclosures
  • Salt air/salt fog resistant (GR487 test)
  • Storm and weather resistant

NMB is a trusted supplier of DC Fans

NMB produces the highest quality DC Axial Fans ranging in size from 25mm to 200mm. In addition to our waterproof IP69K series for extreme environments, we  manufacture cooling fans for refrigeration applications, as well as both ball bearing and sleeve bearing fans. NMB is the only fan manufacturer that offers IP69K-rated cooling fans, the high ingress protection rating available. These weather and chemical resistant fans are ideal for harsh environment applications such as industrial welding enclosures/servers.

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Manufacturing excellence through vertical integration

High-precision NMB ball bearings are used in each of our cooling fans to ensure high reliability and long life. We also produce other components in-house, such as the casing, impellor, shaft and magnet, giving MinebeaMitsumi unmatched advantage in terms of quality, supply capabilities, manufacturing costs and speed of delivery. With over 100 million fans manufactured per year, we can meet the high-volume demands of our OEM customers.

Applications for IP69K rated cooling fans:

  • Food processing plants, vending and refrigeration equipment
  • Factory automation applications such as power supplies for welding
  • LED lighting system cooling and horticulture applications
  • Server, telecom, router, power supply cabinets, enclosure fans

Protection against dust and close-range, high temperature, high pressure spray-downs

The “IP69K” Ingress Protection Code is published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a means to standardize the highest degree of protection from ingress of dust and water. The first digit defines the level of protection against foreign, solid objects, while the second digit indicates the degree of protection against the harmful ingress of water. Our fans are manufactured using a unique epoxy potting process, enabling NMB to achieve the highest available ingress rating: IP69K.

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NMB IP69K Fans are epoxy sealed to protect against:





Salt Fog (GR487 test)

Epoxy potting: our solution to achieve the highest ingress rating

IP69K-rated cooling fans are the ideal solution for preserving the integrity of electronic equipment in harsh environments. To achieve this designation, the fan motor is fully encapsulated by epoxy material which provides complete protection from dust and high-temperature, high-pressure wash downs. The potting process involves molding and coating, effectively sealing the circuit board, stator and windings with epoxy resin. This process is performed in-house and was developed using our proficiencies in injection molding manufacturing technology. This allows us to surpass IP67, IP68 and even IP69 ratings to achieve the IP69K designation.

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