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Miniature Ball Bearings

Flawless construction & performance.
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Miniature and Precision Ball Bearings

  • Available in metric or inch sizes
  • 1.5mm to 32mm (0.0591” to 1.1811”) outside diameter
  • Available flanged, open or shielded/sealed
  • Metal shield or rubber seal (contact or no-contact)
  • Stainless Steel or High Carbon Chromium Steel
  • Highly anti-corrosive material available

Precision-grade bearings with the longest life

All our bearings (and the contact areas of their rings) are repeatedly exposed to stress exceeding 1,000 MPa as part of our rigorous testing.

We consider our material types, purity, and hardness to be important – because we aim to provide you with the longest bearing life, even under high loads.

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Made with custom-designed equipment for the widest range of applications

We not only manufacture all other components for our bearings, but we even design and build the equipment we manufacture our bearings with: something other companies can’t promise. It’s why we’ve become the supplier for over 60% of the world’s miniature and small-size bearing needs.

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We make ball bearings for every type of application, including:

  • Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Consumer Technology and Home Appliance industries
  • For extreme conditions (i.e. high speed, high and/or low temperatures, high and low humidity, high loads)
  • For high precision applications and critical security parts

Avoid costly tariffs – keep your supply intact

Since our bearing manufacturing is based outside of China, we’re not affected by tariffs. We have dedicated bearings factories in:

  • Singapore: Chai Chee & Jurong
  • Thailand: Ayutthaya (pictured)
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Our bearing types include:

Radial Deep Groove

Can support radial and axial loads

Radial Deep Groove w/ outer Snap Ring

Assists with axial positioning in a housing

Flanged Radial Deep Groove

Assists with axial positioning in a housing

Ultra Thin Radial

Featuring a larger relative bore to outer diameter


Bears axial loads

How our bearings solved a problem - and broke a record

When Swiss watch manufacturers were looking to create the axles of their renowned Tourbillon watches, they came to us. Long considered one of the most difficult watch parts to produce, the construction traditionally requires extremely strong, precise jewels such as Ruby.

We were able to work to develop a miniature ball bearing with an outer diameter of just 1.4978mm: small and perfect enough to be used instead of a jewel.

Apart from setting a new standard in watchmaking, we were awarded the Guinness World Record for the smallest commercially-available ball bearing.

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