Decrease motor noise in pharmacy automation applications

The need for automation in pharmacies

While automation is not a new concept, it’s spread into the healthcare space has been a rather slow process due to strict regulations coupled with concerns for patient safety. However, with advancements in AI and an increased attention on the cost of healthcare, automation is on the rise in the medical industry.

Challenges facing pharmacies

Many pharmacies are located in hospitals or patient care facilities that require rapid and precise medication processing. It is important for this equipment to not disrupt the patients or medical professionals so noise level is a critical component to consider.

Hospitals and pharmacies also have to address space constraints as patient capacity increases and resources decrease.

How can NMB help?

Our new BLDC motor with gearbox is an exceptional solution for lowering noise in pharmacy automation applications. The brushless design also offers increased efficiency compared to brushed alternatives. This fully-enclosed out rotor motor provides optimal performance in a compact, easy to integrate package.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing process means you can be sure you’re receiving quality components from a trusted source. Let a member of our local engineering team explain the benefits of our BCL3 motor with gearbox and help design the best solution for your device today!

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