Lights that perform. Controlled with a single touch.

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With SALIOT, the world is your stage.

Meet SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet of Things) a range of fully-dynamic and responsive LED lights featuring cutting-edge optical technology and Minebea Mitsumi’s industry-leading components.

High ceilings? No more stepladders. Change your setup as often as you want.

Our app (Apple & Android phones) allows you to make your environment as calm or dramatic as you want. Bring a new level of stunning to your environments!

360°. 16,000,000 colors. All in the palm of your hand.

SALIOT lets you automatically adjust light distribution angles, pan, tilt, dimming intensity and zoom, all from one-touch controls on your smartphone.

Our app gives you complete control over:






Light up the night or bring down the house






MS-V5A Damp Location

Our Spotlights are omni-directional, with adjustable light distribution angle, dimming, and color temperature.

For more technical information, visit our product pages for MS-V2, MS-V4 and MS-V5 track lights, along with the MS-V5A surface mount luminaire for damp locations.

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