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Quality Manufacturing is Our Highest Priority

At MinebeaMitsumi, we understand how important it is to find reliable supply chain partners that are committed to delivering quality manufacturing products. By employing a vertically integrated manufacturing process, we are able to closely control each part during production. From in-house development of large scale tooling to internal design and production of power circuits, our R&D team is committed to manufacturing the highest quality parts. We even utilize advanced measuring and analysis techniques in order to maintain quality and prevent adverse effects on our environment.

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Our core internal technology defines our business strategy

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Process


In order to adapt to changing market needs, our team researches characteristics of cutting edge materials for use in new product development.

Part Machining

We fabricate parts for our various line-up of complex components using in-house precision cutting, machining and molding equipment.

Analysis & Measurement

Through advanced data analysis and simulation software, we are able to develop and customize high performance products.

Production Process

We continuously expand our global manufacturing presence through strategic investment in facilities to create a secure, stable supply chain.


Our expertise in magnetic material preparation, molding and sintering processes, and coil production help us maximize performance for our motors.

Power Electronics

Our product development teams can design suitable power circuits and board mounting that are drive improvements in device efficiency.


We combine our historical strain gauge knowledge with Mitsumi MEMS technology to further develop intelligent devices for IoT.


Advanced optical simulation technology makes it possible to design and manufacture LCD backlights and LED lenses with the highest precision.


Lubrication needs to be designed specifically for each application in order to reduce friction resistance, abrasion and seizure in a defined environment.

Thin Film & Coating

We developed advanced surface treatment and thin film forming technologies to support cutting-edge products with innovative properties.


Semiconductor manufacturing processes are used to integrate electrical and mechanical elements by microfabrication to mass produce miniaturized, low power consumption products.

CAE Analysis

Analysis and simulation technology is essential for product development, manufacturing and product evaluation, and enables us to pioneer new technology creation.

RF Technology

Simulation programs help our engineers develop high performance antennas and communication technology to meet evolving industry needs.

IC & Module Design

Mitsumi ICs employ analog technology for high accuracy, low noise and low power consumption. In-house substrate development accelerates module production.

Ultra-small Design

Using advanced CAE we are able to design ultra-small, high performance mechanical solutions for smartphone and tablet cameras.

Quality & Service Awards

As the sales and marketing branch of MinebeaMitsumi in the U.S., NMB Technologies Corporation takes pride in maintaining quality throughout the sales process. We employ local customer and product support professionals that work to make each buying experience as seamless as possible. Over the years, our customers have honored us with various awards for our efforts to deliver high quality components.

Read our quality policy as an ISO certified manufacturer. Our Quality Policy