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We are Experts in Custom Strain Gauge Sensor Design & Integration

MinebeaMitsumi has a long history developing sensors such as load cells, force sensors and torque transducers built upon our strain gauge technology. We offer custom design services for our customers to meet their performance, size and shape requirements.

Our engineers can design a custom sensor to suit each customer’s unique application including specialized titanium structures, gauge element patterns and environmental resistance.

Advantages of Custom Sensor Design

We customize design, the size, shape, accuracy, and output of products to meet the customer’s specific applications and work environments. We supply high-quality custom-made products with our reliable mass production equipment and automated processes.

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Size can be customized to any requirement, from large to small.

Mounting shape can be changed, from round, square, and other shapes.

Specifications can be changed to meet certain temperature characteristics.

Output can be changed to analog/digital.

Examples of Custom Sensors

Tension Meter for Loom

Mounting portion changed to flange shape while maintaining high-precision detection.

Infusion Dosage Monitor

Integration of electrical circuits to meet customer requirements for shape and output.

Low-profile Sensor

Modified design allows integration into confined mounting areas, such as low floor scales.

Strain Gauge Elements Can Also be Customized

Custom Gauge Pattern Design

Custom Layout of Gauge Pattern

Custom Configuration of Gauge Tabs

Custom Vinyl Wire Length
Single Element
Dual Element (half-bridge)
Quad Element (full-bridge)
Diaphragm Type (full bridge)
Arrow Feather Shape (half-bridge)

Strain gages are used in an extensive range of applications, not only for measuring direct strain but also as sensors. Our broad selection of high-quality sensors can be used in a variety of consumer products, such as vehicles, home appliances, and computers, and general industrial measurement equipment.

We design shapes to meet the customer’s applications and required level of precision, and supply them via a high-quality, automated mass production system.

Additional Examples of Customization

Torque Transducer

Customize strain elements to achieve high precision, rigidity, and speed and low rotational zero shift, capacitance measurement, and inertia.

3D Input Device

Designed for simultaneous sensing on XYZ axes.

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Our Customization Process - Let Us Help Solve Your Pain Points

Identify Needs

Understand the customer’s requirements and objectives to identify the optimal sensor requirements.

Quote & Sample

Based on the requirements, we provide an estimate and design proposal.


Obtain customer feedback on the proposal and modify the design as-needed.


Volume production of sensors based on approved design.


Test the performance of the manufactured sensors and verify their quality.


Once product performance and quality have been verified, products are delivered to the customer.

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