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Autonomous robotic vacuums are equipped with intelligent programming and advanced vacuum cleaning systems. These designs use spinning brushes to effectively reach tight corners and combine various cleaning features, such as mopping and UV sterilization. Engineered for efficiency, the robotic vacuum systems are designed to optimize suction power while minimizing noise and energy consumption. Additionally, these robots often include sensors for obstacle detection and navigation, ensuring thorough and safe cleaning across diverse floor types.

Key trends in the robotic vacuum market

Global sales of autonomous robotic vacuums are expected to reach $15.4 billion by 2028, driven by several key factors. Increased consumer demand is a significant contributor, as there is a rising interest in smart home devices. Additionally, COVID-19 concerns have led consumers to focus more on cleaning and sanitation, and many are directing their disposable income toward smart home devices and home improvements.

Technical advancements are also propelling growth. Features such as voice control, AI integration, smarter navigation, and control via smartphone technology make these cleaners increasingly appealing. Furthermore, their connectivity with other smart home devices enhance their functionality and convenience. However, the high cost of robot vacuum cleaners may potentially hinder growth expectations. As manufacturers continue to integrate new technology, they will need to balance innovation with affordability to maintain market momentum.

How do we add value?

We offer reliable and efficient components specifically designed for small space applications, ensuring that future generation enhancements can be achieved with compact components. Our products free up space in robotic vacuum cleaners without sacrificing performance, providing a consumer-friendly solution. Additionally, our low noise components enhance both the cleaning function and overall performance of the robots.

Our focus is on reducing costs while maintaining high quality, offering a cost-effective quality solution. As a vertically integrated supplier, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products. We are committed to helping you develop next-generation products as your trusted supplier and we are here to recommend the right components as you continue to integrate new technology, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Products in use

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DC Blowers

These types of fans contain a circular impeller within an enclosed cage, which is often referred to as a “squirrel cage”. This design allows DC Blowers to create directed airflow under high pressure conditions.

MEMS Sensor

Our pressure sensors utilize proven Piezoresistive Technology (PRT) on a semiconductor platform integrated with a custom Analog Front End IC to provide highly stable, accurate, and sensitive pressure sensing solutions.

DC Motor

Best value and performance for consumer applications. Our mechanically commutated components range from 8 mm square to 35 mm in outer diameter. They are available in standard flat, round, and high-performance square designs. The patented square type (S series) achieves high torque with a compact and lightweight design.

BLDC Motor

Brushless motors generate power and heat with minimal friction, making them more efficient and ideal for tasks requiring long-term operation. They are available in inner rotor, outer rotor, and frameless designs, with custom options available.

Power Supplies

Our built-in power supplies utilize in-house semiconductors and these products are able to withstand a lightning surge of 15kV. We have also been able to significantly improve sleep efficiency with newly developed models.

About NMB Technologies Corp

NMB Technologies Corporation is a MinebeaMitsumi Group company; a global leader in the design and production of miniature ball bearings, precision components, electromechanical components, and semiconductor components. Our precision manufacturing expertise also includes backlights, lighting products, advanced technology components for smart cities, medical devices, automotive manufacturers, and industrial manufacturers.

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