Brushless DC Motors

Excellent motion control with the highest efficiency

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BLDC Motors from MinebeaMitsumi:

  • Both high performance and value options
  • 15-67 mm OD sizes available
  • Low energy consumption
  • Electronically commutated (3-phase)
  • Outer and inner rotor options
  • Gearboxes, encoders and drive electronics available

High performance BLDC motors from PMDM

These motors are best suited for applications that require high speed and acceleration in addition to long life. We also design motors with an encoder for high-resolution positioning controls or systems with single- to multi-stage gearboxes.

Closed-loop control is integrated into the electronics and provides flexibility for the user to determine the motor parameters, saving time and money.

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Vertical manufacturing at its finest

Rotor frames, motor plates, magnets and all other major components are manufactured in-house at our company’s own factories. Our production equipment is also developed in-house to deliver the highest quality motors with unmatched reliability. Integrated production from source to assembly allows for greater competitiveness in terms of quality, on-time delivery and manufacturing costs.

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BLDC motors enable high speed rotation in a wide variety of applications:

  • Industrial: robotics and automation solutions
  • Medical Devices: oxygen concentrators, CPAP equipment & lab automation
  • Handheld equipment: sprayers/sanitizers, power tools, trimmers

Our BLDC Motor Options:

BLDC 36 Motor

High Performance BLDC

24mm – 65mm OD

Small-size BLDC

24.5mm – 29mm OD

Power BLDC

50mm – 67mm OD

DIX42B20 - BLDC Motor

Inner Rotor BLDC

15mm – 42mm OD

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