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Friday - October 1, 2021

Acquisition of All Shares of SHIGA SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd.

On June 30th, 2021, MinebeaMitsumi announced the “Acquisition of 8-inch Analogue Semiconductor Fabrication Plant and MEMS business” – a share transfer agreement with MITSUMI ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. and OMRON Corporation, in which agreement OMRON shall establish a new company which succeeds the semiconductor and MEMS fabrication plant and its MEMS product development function in OMRON’s Yasu facility by way of a company split and MITSUMI shall acquire all the shares of the new company.

MinebeaMitsumi is pleased to announce that today, on October 1, 2021, MITSUMI has acquired from OMRON all the shares of the new company, SHIGA SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd., made it into a subsidiary and changed its name from SHIGA SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd. to MMI SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd., as described below.

Purpose of the Acquisition of Shares and the Company’s Future Operating Policy

MinebeaMitsumi’s semiconductor product supply includes power management ICs, timer ICs, MEMS sensors, magnetic sensors, automotive memories, and IGBTs for consumer products, automotive applications, medical devices etc. We are especially proud of our approximately 80% global market share of lithium ion battery protection ICs (one cell) used in smartphones and other products. Currently, in addition to realizing the synergies between MITSUMI and ABLIC Inc., which was integrated in April 2020, through enhancement of R & D functions and scaling up production mainly in pre-process, the MinebeaMitsumi aims to further expand the business size and increase the business value, achieving growth in sales from the current 60 billion yen to 100 billion yen within several years and even toward 200 billion yen within ten years with help of M & A.

Though the semiconductor / MEMS plant of SHIGA SEMICONDUCTOR currently mainly manufactures MEMS products, it has the 8 inch semiconductor pre-process capable of manufacturing analogue ICs, which will contribute to our target of production capacity enhancement in terms of process, proprietary technologies, size, operators’ skills etc. With this acquisition, MinebeaMitsumi obtained the 8 inch production base, which is necessary to strengthen the competitiveness of our semiconductor business in the future, and further secure the realization of the analogue semiconductor business’s growth target.

To see more details about this acquisition, please see MinebeaMitsumi’s press release.

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