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Wednesday - February 10, 2021

MinebeaMitsumi Group, C&A Tool Engineering (USA), Began Producing and Selling Nonwoven Fabric Masks

C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. (Indiana, USA), the MinebeaMitsumi Group began selling its own nonwoven fabric masks in Amazon USA on February 5, 2021.

In 2020, when concerns over viruses grew around the world, MinebeaMitsumi began developing and producing nonwoven fabric masks using high-efficiency collection filters in clean rooms in Japan for helping those who need masks. Since June of 2020, MinebeaMitsumi has been selling nonwoven fabric masks in Japan. Furthermore, with the purpose of ensuring the safety of Group employees and deterring damage to outside the company, the Group shares its know-how in developing and manufacturing in-house masks.

In the United States, the number of people infected with coronavirus continues to increase, exceeding that of Japan. However, we have also begun production of masks in clean rooms at the Auburn Plant, Medical Division of C&A, and have established a system for stable production. Following the supply to Group companies in the Americas, we have recently decided to sell the products in the U.S. to people outside the Company.

MinebeaMitsumi would like to express its deep respect for everyone continuing to fight the spread of viruses on the front lines, and will continue to provide necessary support against the spread of infection going forward.

C&A Auburn Plant (Indiana)
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