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Monday - May 24, 2021

MinebeaMitsumi Received the Highest Grade “Eruboshi” (Level 3) Certification

MinebeaMitsumi received “Eruboshi” (Level 3) certification by the Japanese Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as a superior company that promotes Women’s participation and advancement.

The Eruboshi company certification is a recognition system based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare certifies companies that have formulated and submitted action plans that meet certain standards and have excellent implementation status of initiatives related to promoting the active participation of women. The evaluation categories are (1) employment, (2) continued employment, (3) work style such as working hours, (4) ratio of women in management positions, (5) diversity of career courses, and we have satisfied the criteria in all categories and received the highest grade (level 3).

MinebeaMitsumi is carrying out various measures based on the idea that synergy and new values are created through diverse human resources recognizing each other’s abilities, experiences and ways of thinking and respecting each other.

We will continue to promote women’s participation and advancement in the work place and endeavor to build an organizational culture and environment in which all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.

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