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Tuesday - December 14, 2021

Ushio & MinebeaMitsumi Develop UV-C Disinfection Module

We are pleased to announce that Ushio Inc. and MinebeaMitsumi Inc. have agreed to jointly develop a new filtered far UV-C viral inactivation and disinfection module. This product will be manufactured by MinebeaMitsumi and sold in Japan from Ushio from January 2022 as “Care222® i series Moving Light Type i-MVT”.Ushio’s “Care222® i series” that can be installed like a lighting fixture in a high location such as on the ceiling has been available since February 2021. However, since the current i series is a fixed irradiation angle type, it has not been able to meet the requests of the market wishing to “irradiate multiple places with one unit” and “disinfect wider area”.

We integrated Ushio’s “Care222®” filtered far UV-C viral inactivation and disinfection technology that can be used in a manned environment and MinebeaMitsumi’s LED smart lighting, SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet Of Things) technology and jointly developed “Care222® i series Moving Light Type i-MVT”, an ultraviolet ray irradiation lighting device that is movable. It will be possible to disinfect a wider area with a single unit covering multiple disinfection target areas.

By expanding the product lineup with this joint development product, Ushio aims to contribute to the creation of a safer and more secure environment with “light” for large spaces such as offices and commercial facilities that require the installation of many lighting fixtures and medical institutions that require a clean environment.

Features of Care222® i series Moving Light Type i-MVT

1. Simultaneous disinfection of both air and on indoor surfaces in occupied spaces

The Care222® filtered far UV-C technology combines an excimer lamp with a center wavelength of 222 nm and a special optical filter that removes wavelengths above 230 nm that can be harmful to humans. Unlike conventional 254nm UV lamps, the Care222® retains the disinfectant properties of ultraviolet light to inactivate viruses and bacteria without damaging human cells/tissues and can be used even when people are present.

2. Possible to irradiate multiple places

The new product has a moving feature that allows light to irradiate horizontally and vertically to three-dimensional directions. The feature is new to the conventional “Care222® i series” that was only possible to irradiate the fixed lower range and now makes panning and tilting possible. It also inherits a scheduling function of SALIOT that illuminates light at a specific time and place.

3. Selectable lighting modes, and safety features using sensor

The new lighting module has two selectable modes. One is for when people are present and the other mode activates an in-built sensor and is for when no one is present. The amount of light emitted is in accordance with the international tolerance limit (TLV) 222nm and it does so by repeating on/off intermittently. It also has an in-built distance sensor that calculates the distance between the object and the lighting device. The illumination time changes depending on that distance that it will turn off automatically if a person is detected within 1m distance acting as a safety function.

Product Specification

Ushio Inc.
Care222® i series Moving Light Type i-MVT
Input Voltage
Power Consumption
13.5W (including AC adapter)
Outer Dimensions
285 × 145 × 295 mm
2.7kg (including AC adapter, fitting metal)


Care222® filtered far UV-C viral inactivation and disinfection technology

An far UV-C Excimer Lamp that generates 222nm wavelength of UV light at its peak also feature a specially designed short-pass filter that blocks the UV wavelengths longer than 230nm from the lamp that are harmful to humans and are used for microbial reduction applications.

SALIOT made by MinebeaMitsumi

By controlling the distance between the optically designed lens and light-emitting diodes with the motor and applying resin molding technology cultivated in LED backlights, the new LED lighting “SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet Of Things”) made by MinebeaMitsumi adjusts the illumination range and angle of the light automatically. Also, applying the wireless technologies, MinebeaMitsumi developed proprietary software enabling users to control the light distribution angle, brightness, and illumination position up/down/left/right easily by smartphones and tablets.

For additional details and contact information, please see the original press release here.

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