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Vehicle E-Access Solution by U-Shin

Vehicle access systems are rapidly evolving into fully automated solutions that can be activated with a driver’s smartphone. The U-Shin E-Access solution integrates ultra wideband (UWB) communication technology which ensures the highest level of data security and supports precise positioning capabilities. The advanced system provides completely hands-free access to the vehicle.

  • Secure solution built on UWB technology
  • Vehicle access through smartphone
  • E-latch and actuator open the door automatically
  • Virtual car key

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E-Access System Components

UWB Technology

  • Ultra secure communication protocol
  • Precise positioning capabilities


  • When a smart phone is detected the door automatically unlocks
  • When the driver is walks away, the door automatically locks


  • After the latch unlocks, the actuator opens the door automatically
  • The driver enters the vehicle and the door closes automatically

E-Access Demo Video

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