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Linear Hybrid

Linear Hybrid

A Hybrid Stepping Motor consists of an axially magnetized rotor which interacts with the stator coils by alignment of various "teeth" like projections in their respective structures. These motors are inner-rotor and have low inertia which is favorable for responsiveness and quick acceleration applications that require start-stop motion. NMB’s linear stepping motor’s high performance and compact design are accomplished through a lead screw that converts rotary to linear motion.
  • Available in captive, non-captive and external lead-screw types
  • Applicable to NEMA 08-NEMA 23 sizes
  • Flexibility in offering leadscrews to fit customer's desired application needs
  • Standard flanged & anti-backlash nuts available
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Clinical analyzer equipment
  • Other laboratory instruments
  • 3D printers

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