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Motion Activated Liftgate Sensor

Upgrade your tailgate experience with our innovative Kick Sensor or StepGate technology, designed to make vehicle loading and unloading effortless. Say goodbye to fumbling for keys or balancing awkward loads while juggling groceries or gear. With our intuitive, motion-activated tailgate solutions, a simple gesture of your foot triggers the tailgate to open or close, enabling hands-free access to the vehicle’s cargo space. Our system seamlessly integrates into the vehicle, enhancing both functionality and style. Make every journey smoother and more convenient with our cutting-edge technology for car tailgates.

Kick Sensor Features
  • Simplified, cost-effective structure
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Optimized sensor layout using simulation software
StepGate Features
  • Virtual button projection on ground
  • Customizable activation area
  • Both feet remain on the ground

Custom Kick Sensor Layout Using Software Simulation

When a user kicks in proximity to the bumper, the sensor registers a shift in capacitance and instructs the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit to either open or close the tailgate. We use capacitance simulation software to test a variety of different kick motions in order to maximize performance and design for each car model.

The kick sensor module from Minebea AccessSolutions delivers easy, hands-free opening and closing of a vehicle’s rear liftgate. Our kick sensor package is smaller and more lightweight than current models. The design and structure are also simplified, utilizing AVSS wires as sensors, resulting in a most cost-effective assembly. Simulation technology is used to optimize the sensor layout.

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StepGate Next Gen Hands-Free Opening

Our intuitive StepGate system uses two ultra-sonic sensors to detect changes in distance from the vehicle to a user’s foot. The response algorithm can be customized to activate within a defined area best suited for each unique vehicle design. When the sensors detect an approaching user, an LED light illuminates a virtual “button” on the ground. A user simply steps on this virtual button which triggers the lift gate to open.

System Components

Left Sensor
Right Sensor
LED Light Assembly
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