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Mold Cavity Measurement System

LSMS-*-S06 Series

  • Compact load cell: φ7mm×height 5mm (20 kgf/50 kgf)~φ16mm×height 16mm (3tf)
  • In-house strain gauge technology enables small size, high accuracy and the low price
  • 4-gauge design offers excellent noise and temperature resistance
  • Flexible metal mold design is possible because our measuring method is not restricted by the diameter of the ejector pin
Specification Sheet LSMS-20K, 50K-S06 (468KB)
Specification Sheet LSMS-100K-S06 (462KB)
Specification Sheet LSMS-200K, 500K, 1T, 3T-S06 (490KB)
CAD Files LSMS-20K~3T-S06 (271KB)

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