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Tuesday - May 31, 2022

New S-82A2A/B and S-82B2A/B Series Battery Protection ICs From Ablic

ABLIC Inc. a group company of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. launched the S-82A2A/B and S-82B2A/B Series of 2-serial cell battery protection ICs, the world’s first (*1) using an external current detection resistor for high-accuracy overcurrent protection.

The new S-82A2A/B and S-82B2A/B Series launched today are the world’s first (*1) 2-serial cell lithium-ion battery protection ICs and include the following features: 1. an external current detection resistor for high-accuracy overcurrent protection not easily impacted by battery voltage or temperature variations, 2. an industry top class charge-discharge overcurrent detection voltage accuracy of ±1.0mV (S-82A2A/B Series) and ±3.0mV (S-82B2A/B Series) reduces variations in overcurrent detection while lowering resistance in current detection resistance, 3. a charge-discharge control function that allows external signals to disable battery pack charge-discharge operations and an overheat protection function (S-82A2A and S-82B2A) can be provided by connecting a PTC thermistor, 4. a power-saving function that disables battery discharging when it is in operation and also reduces current consumption of the protection IC to 50nA max to reduce current used by the battery to virtually 0 (S-82A2B and S-82B2B Series).

Example of protection circuits using the S-82A2A/B and S-82B2A/B Series

These features enable high-accuracy overcurrent detection and overheat protection even in applications with large charge-discharge current values making them products that help improve the convenience of smart phones and other fast-charging products as well as contributing to greater product safety. Extremely low power consumption during non-use makes this series of products ideal for use in infrequently used power tools or emergency equipment.

(*1) Based on our research as of May 2022

Main Features

  • External current detection resistor ensures high-accuracy overcurrent protection (A feature common to all Series.)
  • An overcurrent detection voltage accuracy of ±1mV, the industry’s high-accuracy top class (The S-82A2A/B Series)
  • Charge-discharge control through external signal input pin (S-82A2A and S-82B2A Series)
  • Power-saving function that reduces current consumption (S-82A2B and S-82B2B Series)

Application Examples

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs, lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs

This product has been certified as a MinebeaMitsumi Group "Green Product" for its outstanding contribution to the environment.

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